Club Name: Torch Sports
AAU Club Code: W376CA
Please Register at aausports.org and/or update your AAU Club Number

New AAU Membership Card

1. aausports.org

2. Youth Athlete Membership

When answering the following questions:

Sport: Girls Basketball

Coverage: Extended (AB) – $16 – *MUST choose EXTENDED coverage

Are you a member of a club? Yes

Club Zip Code: 94301

AAU club code: W376CA

*MUST choose EXTENDED coverage

How to add our AAU Club Code to your AAU Membership Card

1. https://play.aausports.org/ (member login)

2. Update/Print Your AAU Card

3. Click the pencil to edit

4. Add Club Code to Card: W376CA

What Type of Membership Program: Youth

Sport: Basketball – Girls

Coverage: Extended (AB)

*MUST choose EXTENDED coverage