Torch Basketball Academy





Who Is Torch?

Torch Basketball Academy is first and foremost a training, and skill development program started by Stanford alum Melanie Murphy.

We offer:
  • Seasonal Clinics
  • Summer Camps
  • Personal Training

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From Our Players

Every once in a while you find a coach who will make a difference in your child’s life. Coach Melanie is passionate about basketball, and inspires kids to be the best they can be. She is an amazing role model for kids, both on the court and in life. She teaches kids that goals, focus, hard work, and dedication will get you where you want to be in life. Coach Melanie inspires kids by teaching them not to be afraid of mistakes, because mistakes make you better and stronger. Coach Melanie focuses on developing players skills so players will be successful in the long run. My daughter loves Coach Melanie and her skills have improved dramatically.

Dawn, Menlo Park

Coach Melanie Murphy is AMAZING! Our 11 year old daughter has made wonderful progress working on her basketball skills with Melanie over the last year. Her game has come alive, she is playing to her potential and best of all, she enjoys the game more than ever. What else do we love about Melanie? She always has a smile on her face yet she is not all fun and games, she is patient yet she challenges her players and doesn’t let them get away with less than their best as she works with them to achieve their potential. Also, our daughter gained a much better understanding of the game and found that many of the skills she has learned working with Melanie also transfer to her other team sports. We sincerely appreciate having such a wonderful, smart and athletic role model for our daughter.

Thanks Melanie!

Kit & Craig, Palo Alto

My wife and sons and I have seen the whole range of youth coaches over the years, both good and bad. Melanie is one of the great ones. We have seen her and James in action with boys and girls of many ages. They combine tremendous instructional skill with a fantastic mentoring approach and atmosphere. The kids are in there working hard, focused and always improving. But even more important, they are enjoying what they’re doing, and delighting at what they acquire the ability to do, no matter what their own personal, basketball-specific goals are. The gym is warm, supportive, welcoming, a fantastic place to be if you’re a player or parent.

Sky Runser, Palo Alto

Coach Mel has been the best thing that has happened to our daughter. She's been training her for the past two years. Not only has coach Mel been instrumental to her basketball skills development, most importantly she has been her life coach!! Coach Mel is simply awesome. She's the best.

Shirin, Saratoga